This page explains the Mod+ ranks in Zee Bawx, as well as lists those who fit into those roles.


A moderator is a person who watches the server and punishes rule breakers. They have a console and an arsenal of tools to get the job done. A trial mod is a moderator recently accepted and is still being decided if they should have a real mod job. Trial period lasts for a week, and if nothing goes too wrong, they will be accepted. The following lists all of the mods as of 11/7/2017. 


An admin is a person who never plays Zee Bawx, but when they do, they watch other people creepily, and usually crash the game or break the chat. This is a list of admins:


GiantMilkDud is perfection in a human. She has no flaws, from any point of view. She is the best person ever. She is the meaning of everyone's lives, hands down. She is the only reason we live. She's also engaged so HANDS OFF. She loves Sheriff Callie's Wild West,a lot. But who can blame her?