Alvion Halenrus

A statue of the greatest Archmage to roam Val.

Biographical Overview
Name Alvion De Halenrus
Age 86
Family Halenrus
Birthplace Gypsy Caravan
Physical description
Species Animaion
Sex Male
Status Dead
Height 5'8
Eye colour Purple / Red
Attire Archmage garments
Occupation(s) Archmage of Azrone
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Strong leadership, whilst still caring.
Likes Studing, magical arts, the willing to learn
Dislikes Slavery, forbidden magic, abandonment
Relatives Adelina Halenrus, Lucy Halenrus, Molly Halenrus
Friends The College of Azrone
Neutral Azrone Royality
Rivals Tekerdon Kingdom
Enemies Slavers, Necromancers, Outlaws
Skills and powers Mastery in Magic, Basic sword skills
Corruptive equivalent
Archmage Alvion De Halenrus was an old mage during the 5th era, being seen as the most powerful mage of the era, being that he had trained and learned ever since he was a pre-teen. Having overthrown the current Archmage at age of 25, and dying at age 86, he had ruled the Mages of Azrone for the time in between, being the longest in the Archmage position. Alvion had married Princess Adelina of Azrone, and would have became king if not for her untimely demise thirteen years into their marriage. Alvion and his wife had adopted Lucy R. Javernia to account for the fact they could not produce on their own. After Adelina's death, Alvion had found a noble woman to bear his kin, Molly.