The Animaion Race (pronounced anna-may-on) are an anthromorphic race, and are the second most dominant species of Val, their name meaning being "Animal + ion".

Animaions were created during the Wraith of Lord Vanious, from Valians to beasts by being cursed when Lord Vanious was displeased with the way the Valians misused his resources.

While they are anthropomorphic, their anthropomorphic characteristics are limited to that similar to canines, felines, rodents, and lagomorph. When the race had branched off to foreign islands, people noticed changes in their kin, causing changes to fur and color, breeding "Exotic Animaions", which are considered more rare and expensive slaves, in Azrone they risk being kidnapped and sold in a slave trade, so the Officials tend to warn them from traveling outside alone.

While they struggle to siphon magic, Animaions are close to nature, because of the Mark of the Beast in their linage, the can sense changes or disturbing presence through the forest. Animaions over the years became even closer to Lord Vanious, as he made a curse where if one of the original 15 Animaions tried to speak of what he did, their tale would only come out as yipping, so the tale was forgotten when these men and woman had died, but they were able to reproduce and create a striving race before then. Lord Vanious forgave the Animaions for their past, being that the new generations weren't involved in the unpleasant treatments of the forest, so he opened his arms to the newer generations, and gave them refuge in the forests, although, he was unable to keep them safe at all times, and many have been captured. Valians too have begun Animaion Refugee efforts, as a slow rebellion for Animaion freedom in more kingdoms arises, the Animaions fight relentlessly, even to the point of Lord Vanious sending plagued animals to help destroy a kingdom, but their efforts are shot down by the advancing magics of greater kingdoms such as Tekerdon, the largest in the slave trade.