Zee Bawx has 10 badges, some of which give commands, some don't. They are all listed below.

Explorers of Imagina

A pack of command only to the most dedicated explorers of Zee Bawx. Can be obtained for 700 Bolt Beans.



Blizzards of Imagina v2

A badge from an old event. Can be bought for 900 Star Beans.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! was and will be given out on 6/4 each year. It gives no benefits whatsoever.

Shadowy Presence

Shadowy Presence is given out when a player touches noivlA's true form. It gives no benefits.

Snowflake Surprise

Snowflake Surprise is given out 5% of the time from gifts during the Gift Rain. It is also given out by the very rare 100% Snowflake gifts, which are only obtainable via the bonus gift tools. Owning this badge gives you the Snowflake Commands.

Bawx Master Badge

Bawx Master Badge is given to users who join the game with all (including non-existant) passes. This is currently broken.



Zee Bawx 1.0

Zee Bawx 1.0 was given by visiting Zee Bawx before the huge renovation in 2012, where it was given out as a welcome badge. It gives no benefits.


You spent a handful of beans/bolt beans to get a sick Train kart! Vroom vroom.