Star Beans

Star beans are the most common currency in Zee Bawx. They can be obtained through logging on daily (50), completing the Void Rift obby, only accesible via Explorers of Imagina's Gear Cabinet (300), through purchases as well as selling items at vendors and opening presents. Beans are used to buy radio skins, karts, consumables, and just everything at vendors. They can also be used to power the Loot Rain machine, at intervals of 1% or 10%, or purchase commands packs, such as the Blizzards of Imagina commands (900), Flames of Imagina (900) and Nature's Healing (1000).


A star bean

Bolt Beans

Bolt beans are the most exquisite currency in Zee Bawx. They are only obtained via purchasing with Robux or having someone buy a Potion Surger from a Rending of Nightmare vendor. They are used to buy command packs, such as Explorers of Imagina (700) and Nightmare (900). They can also trigger the loot rain, with 50% and 100% intervals able to be bought. The Potion Surger can also be bought from a Rending of Nightmare vendor and placed as a propable to generate potions. Bolt beans can also buy special karts.


A bolt bean

Eldritch Beans

Eldritch Beans are only shown on the Rending of Nightmare vendor to buy Egg Nog. They are currently unobtainable.

An eldritch bean