Blizzards of Imagina (shortened to BoI) was a 2012 event featuring a war between FIRADOS and BORLOR.


The Fire team and the Ice team would fight to reign dominant. No matter which side won, a user would always get their commands, depending on what team they chose.

Near the end date for Blizzards of Imagina, a giant sword, later revealed to be owned by the Tarerius, which today appears on his side, was cast into the ground, foreshadowing his reveal.


The FIRE and ICE badges were given to users that chose the Fire or Ice teams, respectively. They were given out when one of the teams won, and after the ending scene played.


Fire Team's ending

When Firados' team won, by getting 100 KOs, everyone was teleported to a special area, a giant lake. Greeted by two titans, the Head-TITAN and a fully armoured TITAN, the two explained to the player that, in order to cleanse the world of BORLOR's enchanted ice, FIRADOS had to heat Val. Sadly, she overdid the heating, and roasted the planet. After informing you that you are dead, CERIOTOTIUS is heard, saying that it is not the time for humanity to end.

A white flash occurs and the players are back in Zee Bawx in its original state, the blizzard stopped and the snow is gone. CERIOTOTIUS says that he has sent everyone back in time and caused the Tarerius to stop the two from starting the fight in the first place.

All of Fire Team got a FIRE badge, and had access to the FIRE Command Set.

Ice team's ending

When BORLOR's team won, by getting 100 KOs, everyone was teleported to a dark and misty place full of spirits and a very bright white figure, whom is revealed as CERIOTOTIUS, taking a form in the spirit realm. CERIOTOTIUS tells everyone that they have died, as BORLOR had successfully frozen, and destroyed the earth. CERIOTOTIUS then says to everyone that it is not time for humanity to end, similar to Fire Team's ending, a white flash occurs and the players are back.

Tarerius wasn't revealed in the Ice Scene, but due to the messages when set back where the same, his name gets mentioned.

All of Ice Team got a ICE badge, and had access to the ICE Command Set.