Borlor's realm takes place in his icy mountain prison, only accessible part is his Throne Room, but in Valian Lore his mountain has a lot of carved halls and rooms.

Borlor's realm doesn't have a Secret Card or a Become-Only Area, but it does have a few secrets.

Borlor's Bride

Most known secret of Borlor's realm is his Bride.

The story behind Borlor's Bride is that, during their wedding 30 years ago, before they could say their wedding vows, a group of disguised men stormed the chapel with crossbows and shot most of the civilians, including the bride. Due to Borlor's titan nature, he was not harmed. Being struck in the heart with an arrow, Borlor's Bride fell dead to the floor, and Borlor griefed above her.

The group of men ran off after the shooting, but Borlor was too busy griefing to try and go after them, but as a result of his saddness, the chapel began to freeze. Borlor froze everything in the chapel, including himself and his wife. The ice even spread out to the entire town, it was freezing slowly so aware residants were allowed to flee.

After he cleared his mind with his bride under thick ice, he broke out of it using his hammer and took his frozen wife to his realm. He asked a favor of a few titans.

He asked Lord Vanious to grow a beautiful rose in the blessed forest, and he did.

He asked Krystaious to enchant this rose to never die, and she did.

He asked Firados to enchant this rose to always be warm, so it cannot easily freeze, but not enough to melt its surroundings, and she did.

Together they made the Eternal Rose, in which Borlor placed in his bride's hands, and positioned it over her heart.

==The Titan Portal==
Each Realm has a Titan Portal, which leads to The Spire, only a titan can enter this portal.