Cocoa Marshmallow
Cocoa Von Marshmallow
Biographical Overview
Name Cocoa Von Marshmallow
Age 20
Family GMD
Birthplace Imagina
Physical description
Species Chocolate Rabbit
Sex Female
Status Dead
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye colour Brown
Attire White gowns
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Cheery, caring, easily disappointed
Likes Love, spreading love, chocolate
Dislikes Cannibals
Relatives Mr. GMD, Mrs. GMD
Friends Robot
Skills and powers Spreading love
Corruptive equivalent

Cocoa was once an angel, whom like other fallen angels, couldn't rest in peace. During her life she was neglected and unloved, this making her die without ever knowing what love was, or felt like. Being sent to Imagina to find out what love is by sharing happiness with another whom doesn't know what love is, this resulting in both of them learning what it is like to be loved. After hiding within boxes because she felt it had all been for naught in this hate-filled world, one individual had come and opened her box, and her heart.


Cocoa Marshmallow had died at age 20 in 2022, by being hit by a truck on the way home. Cocoa was returning from the University of G-Okyo during a rush hour, trying to make her way across a busy street, slugging through a large crowd when a drunken driver ran through the red light and plowed through the crowd, slaughtering 15 people, and injuring 10. Cocoa died in the street, and her body was recovered 30 minutes after the accident, the driver was gone by then, and with missing ID, was not found.


Cocoa became an angel, due to good belief, but hadn't been able to rest in peace, because her entire life had she never experienced love, or even the slight feeling of another truly caring for her, she had been in multiple relationships in High school, but none with good intention, or true love. Being unloved throughout her life, she died with heavy emotional ties, and with so, an angel cannot Ascend. To be able to ascend, she was sent to Imagina, to where she would live once again to find happiness within someone who never experienced love as well. She spent many years trying to find such a person to open up to her, and eventually came across a robot. Being a robot, it was never taught love, as robots didn't seem to need to know it, so Cocoa attempted to befriend this robot, and showed true happiness together. This happiness grew into caring, and love. Whilst nothing progressed beyond that, it was enough to allow Cocoa to rest in peace, in which she would be able to ascend into heaven. Though it is rumored for her to have found new emotional ties, to someone she would never see again in the afterlife, so for her to truly rest in peace, she must find him again, and die with him.