Corruptive Logs v1


Corruptive Logs is a list of all the Corruptives we've confirmed sightings, and our observations as to what they do.


Log #1 "Mobility Forge"

Status: Indirectly Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, it has no legs and slides, it moves rather slowly but has a large mouth on the bottom of its 'head'.

The Mobility Forge is named after the Corruptive Forges we've found a month ago, except... living ones. Their attribute is that they can devour dead corruptives and revive them.

Said to contain tiny newborn corruptives within its large hunchback, either as a source of food or to protect them, we are unsure.

Kill on sight.

Log #2 "Spider"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, found in dark caves usually attached to the wall using its four legs, it has four eye-sacs and a stinger that can inject corruption into your veins, avoid the stinger or you will die. Stringer confirmed four months ago when Walker Jona was stung, he knew it was inside him and insisted he drank Holy Light, burning his insides, we concluded the holy light killed him before the corruption did.

Kill on sight. Don't drink holy light.

Log #3 "Muffintop"

Status: Unconfirmed, presumed harmful.

This corruptive has been spotted, but not diagnosed. It has many legs, many eyes, a rounded head. Small, can move quickly. When we lost sight of it, a Walker was found with holes in his mask, and face, shortly after.

Kill on sight.

Log #4 "Stinging Fish"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, it is long and possess the ability to fly. It has one large eye on its 'head' with two stingers coming off of it, similar to a fish. Stingers leave Walkers immobile so the corruptive can bond with them.

Kill on sight.

Log #5 "The Giver"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, it is tall with a distorted humanoid shape, with a long trunk like nose, the nose's use is unknown, however it carries a large thin ball full of heated liquid, it can and will burn through Walker armor.

Kill on sight, ranged attacks only.

Log #6 "Corpse Walker"

Status: Harmful if hosted

This corruptive has been observed, it has a long body that ends in tentacles. It has two arms that are used for latching onto things, but its true feat is the rods that it can shoot into the brain, to control the victim. Confirmed only controls the dead, it does not try and host on living. Cannot move very fast.

Kill on sight, bury the corpse but smash the head.

Log #7 "Speedster"

Status: Very harmful

This corruptive has been sighted, but could not be diagnosed. What we do know is that it moves very quickly, and does not have legs. All victims have been found with their eyes gouged out by large claws. This corruptive uses Get-In-Get-Out tactics. Holy Light traps efficient against.

Kill on sight - if you can.

Log #8 "Hydra"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has based itself on an old painting we found, of a large lizard with three heads. Its strength is in its jaws, but due to regular corruptive nature, avoid cuts from its claws. Do not cut off heads, it will remove portions of its tail and get another. Duo-claws on back of legs for climbing steep mounds.

Kill on sight, do not run. It will catch you.

Log #9 "Flytrap"

Status: Harmful if engaged

This corruptive has been observed, we have only seen it planted in the ground, in which a large 'trunk' will poke from the ground, blooming with a few black petals on top, where it will snag and poison anyone to approach the mysterious 'Flower'

Kill on sight, do not smell the flower.

Log #10 "Baby Born"

Status: Harmless

This corruptive has been observed, didn't take long, this corruptive doesn't even understand bonding flesh yet, it could only consume small quantities of corruption, and jump around, as it lacked limbs or even a distinquished form.

Kill them while they're young.

Log #11 "Drill"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, it is effecient in levitation magic and has a ring of sharp corruption shards that float around it quickly, acting as a shield and an easily projected weapon. Only threat is pierce.

Kill on sight, ranged attack only.

Log #12 "His other half"

Status: Harmful

Similar to the Corpse Walker, His Other Half or HOH, works by consuming a corpse but not consuming it immediately, it does not regular bond, instead it feasts on its hosted corpse little by little as a quick dosage of corruption. It has six legs and can move quickly, with a long tail good for whipping.

Kill on sight, quickly.

Log #13 "Abomination"

Status: Very harmful

This corruptive is unique in the sense it can kill a corruptive, but keep its body in tact, where it will apply the body to its own mass, forming a discusting glop of arms and legs and many many eyes. It is very heavy and has powerful strikes. Slow walking speed.

Kill on sight, make sure no limb is still moving.

Log #14 "Gismo"

Status: Very harmful

This corruptive has the ability to destroy and put together mechanics, however in its rebuilding process, it will add the mechanics to itself, in a way it can function as a weapon. The one we have discovered had found an old turret within the void's many ruins. It has it back to functionality and CAN shoot.

Avoid sectors where spotted for 2 full VoidShifts.

Log #15 "Desperates"

Status: Harmless

This corruptive, or, corruptives are many newborns that have found the survival tactic to appear bigger than you really are. They will clump together to form a sort of mass, they cannot attack in this mass or act coordinately. Easy kill.

Kill on sight, do not lose any.

Log #16 "Wasp"

Status: Harmful

This corruptive has been observed, and acts like many of the ancient wasps, except ten times bigger and ten times deadlier. Stinger can inject poison.

Kill on sight with long range.

Log #17 "Intestine"

Status: Harmful

This small corruptive appears like a worm with two eyes, but last month we have observed it forcing itself inside the mouth of a Walker, killing him on the inside by tearing at his throat and stomach with a small tooth.

Kill on sight, do not tear open throat to retrieve.

Log #18 "Daddy"

Status: Kidnapper

Daddy is known for appearing as a humanoid shape, failing to replicate faces and posture, but it is known to replicate voices. It can act like a bird and repeat phrases perfectly, and use it to lure people, espically children using the voice of their parents. We have only seen it bring children to the void, not what it does with them, assume killing.

Kill on sight, give the children to the Escorts to return home.

Log #19 "Banshee"

Status: Harmful

Banshees are similar to their name, they will scream and hurt. Scream and hurt. Scream and hurt. Scream and hurt. Scream and hurt. Smells of blood.

Kill on sight, or hearing.

Log #20 "Baby Flytrap"

Status: Harmless

These babies have decided to become flytraps in their future, but have not developed the required organs to preform the role.

Kill them while they're young.

Log #21 "Venus Voidtrap"

Status: Harmful

Acts as a plant in order to trick prey. Similar to flytraps, in which they will extend a long corruption tentacle and ensnare prey, rendering it immobile and consuming it in a very slow and painful process. Even after it is destroyed, any immobile Walker will remain immobile.

Kill on sight, use ranged attacks only.

Log #22 "Tracker"

Status: Dangerous

Once they have found a scent, they will stop at nothing to pursue it. They will follow their target until they reach a large colony or gathering, at which point they will use a surprise tactic to kill as many as possible.

Kill on sight, advised to put Light Traps where you've been so as to trap the Tracker.

Log #23 "Black Widow"

Status: Harmless if alone

Black Widows have been observed to work in packs, alone they are harmless with their low corruption mass, but in a pack of 20-or so they can overtake a Walker, Lightbombs ineffective due to scattering. Rarely ever seen outside of a pack.

Kill on sight, use Light Traps.

Log #24 "Puddle"

Status: Harmless

Literally does nothing. These corruptives have no exceptation to live, but wish not to die like most. So they sit still, covering their eye with corruption if danger is found, can be Soul Tracked, but is a waste of time.

Do not engage, waste of resources.

Log #25 "Eyemond"

Status: Dangerous if alive too long

These corruptives have been found to act like the infamous Mot, they will use their tentacles to snatch smaller objects onto themselves, leading to the creation of a much larger mass in which it will snatch even larger things.

Use explosives if too large. Kill on sight. Stole my glasses once.

Second Sightings Log

Ever since the first log, we have discovered a new batch of Corruptives, which seems to grow to this day

Log #B1 "Angler"

Status: Dangerous if engaged

This corruptive is blob-like, but very good at hiding its massive jaws, so it can extend its large limb with a glowing eye-sac on the end of it, to lure those lost in darkness to its awaiting mouth.

Throw lightbomb at bulb.

Log #B2 "Deranged Walker"

Status: Dangerous

This corruptive has implanted itself within the brain of a Walker, making him crazy and hostile. The Walker removed his armor and covered himself in dead corruption, calling it "His true skin", he kept his holy light vials, and told us they are for us, as we are the corruptives, and he is the one true walker.

Kill on sight, and may he find light once again.

Log #B3 "The Corpse"

Status: Dangerous

This corruptive can inject a poison that can prevent the feeling of pain, as it tears out your back and climbs inside your ribcage, tearing your arms and legs apart to wear them like socks and gloves. It will prelong your life until its final blow, it jabbing its entire head through your throat, exploding your head and replacing it with its own, it now owns your corpse as a suit.


Log #B4 "yhsrettulF"

Status: Harmless

This corruptive was figured a King Class as its ability to speak, but we soon found out it only says the same things over and over again, doesn't do anything other than that. It has been heard to say

"I was loved once", "Wheres my angel" (Relations to the mythed Legna?), "I am fluttershy" (Self named), "Help end this nightmare".

Kill on sight, end its suffering.

Log #B5 "Extraterrestrial Tin Can"

Status: Harmful

These... copper bodies have been overran by corruption, presumed to be Gismos. This copper body doesn't appear Valian made, and must have come from another, far off, sector. It has the ability to shoot lightning from a rod in its body.

Kill on sight, turn body into a trash can for recyclables.

Log #B6 "Princess"

Status: Undecided

This corruptive seems to consume any small lifeforms near itself. It also has the ability to create poisonous flowers every so often.

Kill it anyway.

Log #B7 "Miggabül"

Status: Dangerous

Fast, heavy, and armed with bone horns for ramming. Avoid this corruptive, it has tendancies of releasing its inner liquids out its mouth, do not touch it either. Has six legs for fast running and a large anchor on its tail for smashing. Kill quickly.

Kill on sight.

Log #B8 "Glow worm"

Status: Dangerous

This corruptive is very obvious as it has coated itself with its inner white liquids, which makes it glow in the dark. However it possesses wings and can fly, has four jaws for snapping and can move quickly around the air. Do not attempt to ride it with hookshots. Just kill it, seriously Greg.

Kill on sight.

Special Logs

One way or another, these corruptives are special cases.

Log #S1 "Noivla"

Status: Dangerous

Trait: Spells

Noivla has become a famous corruptive, with his wits and ability to use spells he has escaped the Void, what he is doing now is beyond us. Avoid at any cost, do not let him get hearts, avoid his shadow.

Kill on sight, if you can.

Log #S2 "Ycul"

Status: Psychologically Dangerous

Trait: Insanity

Ycul has been proven to not even exist, it is a figment of Noivla's broken mind that is somehow projected into ours, she can cause panic attacks and self-harm if you fail to distinguish the fact she is not real. She can come in many shapes and sizes, usually means Noivla is in an approximately 50 ft radius to you.

She is not real, do not engage. She is not real.

Log #S3 "Emalf"

Status: Dangerous

Trait: Mindcontrol

Emalf is also called the Puppet Master, he can bend your mind in ways you'd wish he couldn't, he can force you to dance or kill your parents with a flick of one of his four arms, do not stare into the eyes. Avoid any eye contact, and do not get too close to his massive jaws.

Do not engage, just run and don't look at it.

Log #S4 "Yroma"

Status: Dangerous when companied

Trait: Stealth, Friend

Yroma is never alone, do not engage her without expecting the big guy to show up. We have discovered they are connected, death of one will kill the other. Kill Yroma first, she is an easy target with her small frame, but she is covered in spines and has an enchantment on them, stabs feels like many burns. She can also activate a stealth spell. Whether or not he is stealthed with her is beyond us.

Kill her, not the beast.

Log #S5 "Fafner"

Status: Very Dangerous

Trait: Strength, Size, Friend

Fafner is Yroma's 'other half', we have not seen its full body, but it has many ridged edges, assuming it has densified its entire outer body. when we have shot a ballista into its side, it seemed to glow from within, but not the same glow as the white a normal corruptive has, it seemed as if it was Holy Light, it even burned the wound even more, why a corruptive would eat a vial of holy light as we assume, is beyond us.

Kill Yroma, try and fend off the beast.

Log #S6 "Mot"

Status: Very Dangerous, Primal

Trait: Size, Strength, Armor, Camoflauge

Mot is no longer within the void, and has moved out to an unexplored gate, our scouts have found lifeforms who explained the location to be called "Hossin", a swamp-like contentant that has been closed off completely due to the appearance of Mot. Mot is by far the largest Day Walker there is, if excluding the Gate Keeper, and is the only corruptive able to actually fight off the Gate Keeper. Mot has gained its size by large corruption intake and attaching objects to its shell with its many tentacles. It has six legs that are very similar to the trunks of Hossin's trees, with its body blending in with the dense leaves. The inhabitants have not been able to hurt Mot, as they lack Holy Magic, so they used teleporters to escape the land to their other inhabited contentants.

Log #S7 "Legna"

Status: Harmless, Myth

Trait: Emotions

Legna is believed to be a corruptive capable of actual emotions beyond the few a corruptive can have, even expanding to lust. Legna is also explained to have a hatred for its own kind, and the darkness, instead it wants to live within the light, trying however it can to enter the light. However the light burns at it, with Legna refusing to kill anything, it lacks corruption mass and may die off soon.

Kill upon confrimation that it exists.

Log #S8 "The Gate Keeper"

Status: Dangerous

Trait: GKorruption, Size, The Cage, can open Gates

The Gate Keeper is known for his job to find Primal Corruptives and return them to the void using The Cage. If large bodies of corruption is detected, the Gate Keeper can open a Mega Gate and chase after the escaped Primal Corruptive. The corruptive cannot in return consume the Gate Keeper, because its corruption is unique, we call this "GKorruption", as he can consume them, and place them in The Cage, but they cannot consume it. The Cage acts as a consumption state, making the corruptive immobile and unable to do anything, even spellcasting, but they are still alive. Only Mot has been able to combat the Gate Keeper, to the point it would actually leave Hossin and return to the Void, calling the planet Mot resides, lost.

Do not engage, do not follow to its cave.

Log #S9 "Edutiprut"

Status: Dangerous, Primal

Trait: Large

This corruptive has not been observed, all we know is it lacks eyes and spills its white insides out of its jaw.

Engage with a team of at least 15 Walkers.

Log #S10 "htraE"

Status: Dangerous, Planet

Trait: It's an entire planet.

Htrae was one of the corruptives who assisted on the destruction of a planet called "Earth", due to the inhabitants lack of holy light, the attack was unable to be stopped, and we believe the inhabitants have all died. The corruptives left on the planet when the gates closed then fought each other, leaving Htrae as the last to live, whom worked his way to consuming the planet, becoming a large corruptive ball, stuck in orbit, but believed to be slowly evolving to learn how to escape the orbit.

Log #S11 "Tobor"

Status: Dangerous

Trait: Fast, long nail-shaped bones.

Known to lure people in with its shape and sound, resembling a starven old person who is crying loudly, if approached it will viciously attack the victim with its nails, scratching at their face and tearing into it easily.

Log #S12 "Kaylet"

Status: Moderately harmful

Trait: Unknown

So far, all we could tell is that is indeed a King Class, beyond that we have no idea what this thing does. And we're not willing to sacrifice any Walkers to find out.

Log #S13 "Noitaucave"

Status: Indirectly, and directly dangerous

Trait: Corruptive-Spawning.

Noitaucave is easily found by its bright light, and loud sighing sounds. Do not get too close, or it will use a internal corruptive stash to form together a living corruptive that is under its will. So far we've never seen anything beyond a Rank 3 corruptive come out.

Kill quickly, kill any spawns.

Log #S15 "The twins"

Status: Dangerous

Trait: Telepathic communication, strategy.

The twins used to be twin brother and sister, before they both died at age of six. However, when the corruptive killed them, it failed at bonding their bodies. Something prevented the corruptive from using it, instead, the children sparked dark magic from their mana, and consumed the corruptive for themselves, to soon transform into corruptives. These two corruptives have minds, and can plan strategies using telepathy. They're also aware of their connection as brother and sister, but not of their human lives.

Do not engage, they WILL outwit you.