A Djinn is a creature in Zee Bawx. Djinns are anthropomorphic Creatures. They usually have a lamp you can make a wish with. Each Djinn has a different theme. There's males and Females, Too. The ones you get when you first buy it are the 7 deadly Sins. You can buy some extras of things like Blood and Cotton Candy. You could also get new ones by attending the holiday Events. When playing as a Djinn, If you have a lamp, You can go in it. Only other Djinns can enter, But they can not build. A Djinn lives due to a Blood Seal. If touched, The Djinn will die. They cannot die another way. With Djinn commands, You get some Propables. There are 4 Types. You get 3 Light Crystal Bowls, A Zara Statue, A Djinn Statue, And A Blood Seal.

Djinn propables

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