In Zee Bawx, emoticons, often shortened to emotes, are a series of in-game images that can be triggered by a certain message. For example :<3: would show an image of a heart.

A few emotes are avaliable for free, however you can buy emote packs to obtain more. There are also a few secret emotes that are not listed.

:crab: --lil red crab
:nblush: --Noivla blushing
:nlaugh: --Noivla laughing
:ndizzy: --dizzy Noivla
:slopunny: --shiny lopunny
:overwatch2: --Overwatch logo variant
:jellybean: --proof that string theory is wrong
:ron: --Rending of Nightmare logo
:fez: --a stylish fez hat
:raigface: --angry face
:bp1: --neutral become potion
:ntounge: --Noivla sticking out their tongue
:eek: --eek
:lenny: --a dead meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:atitan: --evil titan
:explorer: --Zee Bawx: Explorers group logo
:bp2: --another become potion
:bambi: --Bambi
:nsad: --Sad Noivla
:cola: --Bloxy cola
:b1: --cool guy with shades
:overwatch: --Overwatch logo
:giantmilkbot: --a GiantMilkBot
:X: --big red X
:<3: --a heart
:born: --shadow babby
:ceriototius: --Ceriototius
:​log: --log propable
:titan: --titan logo
:nhappy: --Happy Noivla
:coins: --a stack of shekels
:nmad: --Mad Noivla
:lopunny: --nonshiny lopunny
:noface: --Noface from Spirited Away
:dead: --skull and crossbones
:starbean: --a starbean
:trollface: --troll face
:blackheart: --a black, broken heart
:reaper: --grim reaper
:star: --a star
:rageface: --angry meme face
:tardis: --Dr. Who tardis
:doge: --wow such dead meme
:epicface: --another dead meme
:snowflake: --a pretty snowflake
:bawx: --the Bawx
:glass_key: --the glass key used to reach the end
:money: --stacks of cash
:snowflakes: --multiple pretty snowflaks
:quetzar: --pokemon from the fangame Pokemon Sage
:gentleman: --a gentleman
:ndead: --playing dead Noivla
:nshocked: --shocked Noivla
:shard: --a shard used to make shard items and the Tortisu
:boltbean: --a bolt bean
:o3o: --the o3o face
:bomb: --a bomb
:explosion: --an explosion
:check: --a green check mark