We can rebuild it.

GMD Corp.


GMD Corp is split up in to four seperate ranks. Fan, Moderator, Administrator, and CEO.


A fan is a player who has joined the group due to enjoying GMD Corp games such as Zee Bawx. A fan is exactly what the name implies; a fan of the games. Fans can get some bonus content in games, such as a free command pack in Zee Bawx.


A moderator is someone who monitors GMD Corp games, and makes sure everyone abides to the rules so that everyone can have fun and be kept under control. 


An administrator is someone who has earned great trust from the CEO, and probably will never even play Zee Bawx ever again unless it's to break the game completely.


The CEO is none other than GiantMilkDud herself, the holiest being that you will ever meet. Even greater than God, she is the creator of Zee Bawx and is the biggest Sheriff Callie's Wild West fan in the world. Yee-haw!