Biographical Overview
Name Grand Mistress Mekki Taldori
Age 19
Family Taldori
Birthplace Silivis
Physical description
Species Animaion
Sex Female
Status Dead; killed by Lucas
Physique Thin
Height 5'4
Eye colour Green
Attire White traditional dress and headdress
Occupation(s) Grand Mistress of The Silivis Church
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Calm, obedient
Likes Flowers, sunsets, her brother, Jugaturs
Dislikes Politics, war, confliction, oaths
Rivals Sinners
Skills and powers Self defense
Corruptive equivalent

The Grand Mistress is a lovely lady who was born into the Taldori family, whom ruled the Silivis Church. She was destined as Grand Mistress after her brother was killed for not fitting the role. She is very proper and obedient. The Grand Mistress has vowed to neglect many things in her life, such as love, entertainment, and choice. Although she is believed that her oaths are keeping her connection with Krystaious, most of her oaths were set by her parents just to keep the current Ministers in their ranks, as the Grand Mistress could easily replace them if she didn't oath not to. The Grand Mistress is deceived frequently, and all due to her believing to step out of line or to break her word would cause Krystaious to no longer love her, and that when she would die, she would be cast into the Void forever.

Despite the restrictions, Mekki finds one way or another to keep herself happy, be it just singing or finding friends.

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