Issac [2]




Issac [2]'s MBI build.


That'll be $15.62.

Biographical Overview
Name Sir Issac Ethras of Atroth
Nicknames Leporidae (by Hartwarm), Mostly Harmless (by Lucas)
Age 28
Family Atrothian Royalty
Birthplace Atroth/Otherworldly
Physical description
Species Animaion-like Hybrid
Sex Male
Status Alive
Eye colour
Attire Red coat and pants w/golden laces, delivery boy uniform
Occupation(s) Delivery Boy
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Friendly, talkative, scatterbrained
Likes Astronomy, prehistory, nature, peace
Dislikes Mathematics, alchemy, Mondays, chaos
Relatives Lady Hannah, Sir Jones, Sir Jonathan, Lady Caroline [yet to complete]
Relationship N/A
Friends Kyrin, Lucas, Robot
Rivals Hartwarm
Enemies Pi'lumix
Skills and powers Astronomy, ranged combat, strawberry-banana muffin summoning
Corruptive equivalent


Sir Issac of Atroth, first name Issac, last name Ethras, referred to as Issac [2], is an Animaion-like bunny/man hybrid hailing from the Kingdom of Atroth, an otherworldly province.

He is currently 23 years of age, and lives happy in the realm of Imagina. He dons a long, blue, golden-lined robe, with brown pants.. His fur is cotton white, which is why family members or close friends sometimes call him "Cottonball." His rabbit ears are tall and sturdy, not floppy or short. His eyes are colored blue-green, and he always has at least one spot of messy fur.

Recently he has taken up the job of delivery boy for a pizzeria titled Cocoa's Kawaii Pizza, with the measly wage of $4.95 a week. That's not even minimum wage. But this is Imagina, so screw it.


TBA (To Be Added)


  • Issac [2] is referred to as Issac [2] to avoid confusion with Issac Milds.
  • Never, ever, ever, EVER give Issac [2] any weapon other than a blade. Exceptions can be made.

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