Issac Milds
Biographical Overview
Name Issac Naldorian Milds
Nicknames Daddy, The Guardian, Issac [1]
Age 31
Family Milds
Birthplace Parvel
Physical description
Species Corruptive
Sex Male
Physique Large
Height 9'1
Eye colour White
Attire Blackened Guard armor
Occupation(s) Town Guard
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Very protective, kind to others
Likes Playing with Olivia, his duty as guard
Dislikes Tribes, rabbits, egos
Relatives Olivia Milds
Friends Ron, Mark, Maria
Rivals Noivla Ed Surnelah
Enemies Corruptives, Threats to Olivia
Skills and powers Brute strength
Corruptive equivalent

Issac Milds, also known as Issac [1], is a down to earth friendly town guard, who resides within a small town called Parvel, a part of the patrol team that scouts the areas around Parvel for threats. Issac's wife died long ago, so he alone cares for his daughter, Olivia.


On a very unlucky patrol, Issac met his demise, in the shape of a large black door, and the lovely substance corruption. But, Issac's love for Olivia was strong, and his will to carry on was even stronger, the dark matter was unable to release the bonds he had for his daughter. This caused him to be reborn as a Rook, a Corruptive with half its original mind. The Rook, by instinct, sought out Olivia, who was leaving town due to the attack of corruptives. When Olivia tried leaving in a caravan, Corruptives attacked, but The Rook had found his way to Olivia, and destroyed the Corruptives attacking her. She found him as a friend, and soon later to learn that her father had died, she believed the Rook was him when he presented her with his iconic sword.

The Rook was deemed The Guardian when most of his townfolk learned his nature, to protect Olivia and only show harm to those who are a threat. So most learned to live with The Guardian, as he was a good protector, but many of times instinct would get in the way and lead to destruction.


  • Issac Milds is better than Issac 2 in every way, shape and form.
  • In the Early Stages of Val Lore, Parvel was an even smaller town that Alvion grew up in, but when he turned to dark magic, burnt it to the ground. This has been changed drastically, to a moderate town in which Milds orgins.
  • After his death, as a Rook, he only speaks words once, when a group of mercenaries were hired to take out The Rook, capturing Olivia to lure him. While looking for her, he would yell a distorted "OLIVIA!".