Biographical Overview
Name Kyrin Summer
Nicknames Felis (by Hartwarm)
Age 25
Family Summer
Birthplace Unknown
Physical description
Species Cat Animaion
Sex Male
Physique Fair, wiry
Height 6ft 1in
Weight 185lb
Eye colour Purple
Attire Black t-shirt, dark jeans
Character traits
Sexuality Bisexual
Personality Social yet shy, respectful, somewhat introverted, friendly
Likes Others, acceptance, winter, purple & gold
Dislikes Fire, heights, negative people
Relatives None living
Friends Lucas, Issac 2, Kim & Lucy
Rivals Hartwarm
Enemies noivlA, Pi'lumix
Skills and powers Stopping fights
Corruptive equivalent

"We could be up against Spectra AND Hartwarm. We could be horribly doomed, facing over a thousand THEMs. Hell, this world could be ending right now, I don't care. I'm still here with you." ~Kyrin


Kyrin Jude Summer appears as a strict, uptight jerk, but turns out to be quite a soft, conflict-avoiding peacemaker. 

Given the nickname "Ky" by his friends and family, he's friendly, quiet, and tries his best to solve others' conflicts and problems, no matter how much he might suffer himself. Little known, he is a member of the broken up band 'Reborn.' With an introverted personality and a secretive style of talking, little is known about him before he came to Val.

More recently, Kyrin has adopted the career of a humble nurse at St. Ezra's Hospital.


Little known to any being of Val, Kyrin, or 'Sparks' as he was known in his band days, was a rebellious felon until the age of about 22. He earned quite the reputation around his hometown, whatever it may be, turning into as infamous of a name as Jack the Ripper, but for.. various other crimes. At the age of 22, he was caught and imprisoned with a life sentence and no parole.

During his second year behind bars, Kyrin claims to have encountered a 'wonderful person,' who taught him the errors of his ways, and a brighter path. The stranger paid his bail, and Kyrin left the jail a free man. Forsaking Reborn, causing them to break up, Kyrin, through unknown means, undertook a journey and found himself on Imagina.

The Third

Kyrin, upon arriving in Imagina, was shunned and cast out, due to being an outsider with no knowledge of culture. However, after about a year, he returned to civilization, a full-fledged feline Animaion (it is to be assumed he contracted with CERIOTOTIUS). Soon after, he befriended Lucas, Issac 2, and Robot, and was quickly deemed Felis, the third Piece, by Hartwarm. He has vowed to stand with Issac 2 and Lucas, and stand proud, no matter what side is taken.