The Machine

The Loot Rain Maker (LRM) is a feature released during Winter 2014, in which players can collaberate their beans to fill the Loot Rain Bar. Buying different precentages can reward you more. These are the pricing / rewards / percents:

  • 1% / 100 Beans / Fills 1%
  • 10% / 1200 Beans / Fills 10% and rewards the buyer with 1 free Present
  • 50% / 750 Bolt Beans / Fills 50% and rewards the buyer with 5 free Presents
  • 100% / 1200 Bolt Beans / Fills 100%, making the Loot Rain activate, and rewards the buyer with 10 free Presents, and 1 Become Potion


Whenever the LRM is activated, it will begin to rain presents. Each present contains a randomized item, these include:


You can recieve a randomized Kart, from a select variety of karts, so you can't get every kart ever from presents, but you can get a lot, and some that are exclusive to the loot rains.


You can recieve beans, randomized from 30 to 2000 Beans.

Toys / Gears

You can recieve a randomized "Gear" or "Toy", which is like the gear on the catalog, but you won't find any destructive gears. The gears are themed after the Theme of the Day


You can recieve a random face, theme based on the Theme of the Day


You can recieve a random hat, themed based on the Theme of the Day

Become Potion

You can recieve a randomized become potion, however the potion's identity is hidden, so you don't know who you'll become. You can get a special holiday potion if any of the Holiday Injectors have been used.

Theme of the Day

The Theme of the Day is a feature that came out early 2016, which is to change the theme of what the gifts drop, every day has a set theme. They are

  • Monday / Wild West
  • Tuesday / Neon
  • Wednesday / Sweets
  • Thursday / Cute
  • Friday / Animu
  • Sunday / Classy
  • Saturday / Animals

Each theme contains their own hats, gears, face, even song that plays while it rains! 

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