Lucy Halenrus

Zee Bawx's favourite tiger.

Biographical Overview
Name Lucy Rosana Halenrus
Age 14
Family Halenrus
Birthplace Azrone
Physical description
Species Animaion
Sex Female
Eye colour Sky blue
Character traits
Sexuality Bisexual
Personality Hyperactive, cheery, playful
Likes Fun things, restraint, chocolate pudding, Restraint Pudding
Dislikes War, her mom, vanilla pudding, Ice Cream Vendors
Relatives Kim Javernia (sister), Alvion Halenrus (adoptive father), Adelina Halenrus (adoptive mother), Molly Halenrus (adoptive sister)
Enemies Ice Cream Vendors
Skills and powers Bedroom activities, basic magic
Corruptive equivalent

Lucy R. Halenrus is a female orange tiger, whom was adopted into the Halenrus family by Alvion and Adelina after they got married, as an Animaion and Valian cannot reproduce, so they adopted the abandoned tiger. Lucy had grown into a well nurtured family, to the point of being spoiled. In the Halenrus Family, Lucy was given an education, but she was not born with easy Mana Flow, so her magic is very limited. Lucy spends most of her time playing with other Animaions in refugee camps.

Lucy is often called "The Succubus" by the elders, who find her very playful and attractive. Whilst you get tired, she would still be wide awake and ready to play, almost as if she sucked the life out of you.


When Lucy was little, she and her sister, Kim Javernia, were abandoned inside holes by their mother, who had accidentally gotten pregnant and didn't actually want to bear children, with Valians refusing to abort the children safely, she was forced to give birth and to abandon them. To make it seem less likely that Lucy and Kim are related, they were separated in different districts of Azrone. After their mother had fled the city to join up with traveling gypsies, whom are escaping slavery, Lucy was forced to live inside a hole for three days before the guards heard crying within an alleyway. She was later placed into the orphanage until she was four, when Alvion had come to adopt her.


  • When Lucy met Kim, she was unaware that they were sisters, only to find out after dating for two months, when introducing Kim to her father, Alvion, he mentioned that "Javernia" was Lucy's original last name, and that they were sisters. They dated for four months after that, then broke up, but are still very loving to each other.
  • People who've encountered and seen Lucy in action almost believe she truly is a succubus. She is very hard to get rid of, and people believe she is a demon, due to never seeing her get hurt. Alvion just says that she has a distress call to return to him at any time, and that he has great healing magic.
  • While a child, a slaver captured Lucy when she was being transported to an ally kingdom while Azrone was at war, when a local mage sent Alvion a notice, Alvion abandoned the battle to seek out the fort she and 13 other children were held, once found he slowly boiled every slaver's blood while the children whipped them, as they did to the children. Leaving one slaver who violated Lucy, so that he could skin him alive.