In Zee Bawx, Mascots are accounts that are created or chosen by GiantMilkDud. They usually have connections to Val or Zee Bawx lore. Each Mascot has a script in the game coding that will give them a non-optional suit upon joining, and every suit is unique to the Mascot. Mods who have Personal Becomes do not count as Mascot characters, although they may be referred to as such on occasion.

A list of mascots (as of 6/6/15) follows:

  • All of the TITANs (including ONYAXIOUS and CAKEIOUS)
  • Archious (Username Archious)
  • The Water Primal (Username WaterPrimal)
  • GRIDILIAN (Username Gridillian)
  • CERIOTOTIUS (Username Ceriototius)
  • Hartwarm (Username Hartwarm)

And a couple more that are unlisted due to their usernames being a secret.