Nature's Healing is an event involving the Titan Lord Vanious, and GMD Industries. The release date for the event is unknown, though speculated to be in 2014.

The player can still head to the event area, though one will not be able to participate in the event, but will be able to get the Nature Card, which replaces the normal Bawx Card, and learn about the event.


The event will be a war between GMD Industries and Lord Vanious. The badges for the event have already been released, but are unobtainable until the event is released.

Upon entering a server with the event, the player will be asked if they want to take part in the event. If they accept, they will have to choose a team: Humanity or Nature. A player can play for both teams by leaving a server and joining the opposite team, but only one badge can be achieved. Whichever badge has been won most will win the war. Upon the war being won, a command will be added, available to the players with those badges. Upon Nature winning, Lord Vanious's Blessed Land will be added. Upon Humanity winning, GMD Industries Imagina Fields will be added.