The king of Corruptives.

Biographical Overview
Name Noivla Ed Surnelah
Nicknames King of Corruptives
Birthplace The Void
Physical description
Species Corruptive
Height 6'7
Weight 125.06 Pounds
Eye colour White
Character traits
Sexuality Asexual
Personality Dark, merciless, deceiving
Likes Deception, it's Harbringer
Dislikes Holy Light, Living things
Neutral Ycul
Rivals Krystaious
Enemies Those whom walk in the light
Skills and powers Corruptive Magic, Shapeshifting, Corruption Manipulation, Teleportation, Invisibility
Corruptive equivalent

Noivla was born when Alvion De Halenrus died, because of Alvion's attempts to gain the power of the Seer, he had to turn to the dark arts to try and gain this genetic ability, but due to his lack of study, he had failed the spell, and wounded his right eye, making it surrounded in inflamed tissue and covered in veins, and it became a blood red color. The spell had also corrupted his mana, while alive this is unnoticeable, but at death, when Alvion's mana is released into the ManaStream, it was rejected and sent to the void. This formed a corruptive around the neglected soul, Noivla. Due to the excessive amount of dark mana, Noivla grew not big, but smart. Noivla quickly became a "King Class" corruptive, gaining thought.

Through constant deception of bigger corruptives, Noivla eventually reached his Primal Mass, which is the size a corruptive needs to be to be able to break a Dark Gate's seal, so they could leave outside. Noivla became a Daywalker, and learned how to shape shift to cover his corruption from the burning holy light.

Primal Noivla

Inside the Void, Noivla had to gain power to be able to become a Daywalker, in which he had used the corpse of a VoidWalker and it's vials of holy light to attract many corruptives to him, in which he had allied with a Trap Mouth Corruptive, in which, out of fear of a worse death, it agreed to help Noivla consume plenty of corruptives in short amount of times, and then sacrifice itself and its mass, to Noivla. Noivla consumed the Trap Mouth and reached Primal Stage, the stage in which a Corruptive gains large amounts of corruption, to the point it can alter The Void, such as opening and closing Dark Gates. The theory suggests The Void Primal isn't actually a primal, but just the biggest Corruptive there is, but the difference being it has full control of the Void, as the void is its own entity, whether or not a Corruptive could grow enough to consume the Void, is unknown.

After Noivla reached this stage, he had used his strength of open the seal an active door, a magical portal leading to set locations in the multi-verse, but because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they usually end up where they came from. From leaving the dark gate, he had