Oceanic Rise is a 2014-2015 event, which is a war between FIRADOS and her Flame Golem, BORLOR and his [TBD], the Primal of Water and her Water Serpent, and Gridilian and his [TBD]

This event opens up the opportunity for newer players to get the ICE and FIRE badges from the Blizzards of Imagina event, and the players from that time to get a new badge.

During the event, you can either fight for ICE, FIRE, WATER or GROUND, and you can only get one badge. (Returning players from BoI will be able to get 3/4 of them if they already have ICE and FIRE from BoI.)

You will be able to fight players fighting for the other three teams, although combat is completely optional, and you can choose not to take part in the event. Winning 2/3 of the rounds for your team awards the respective badge to you and your team-mates.


Oceanic Rise re-introduced the Class system from Blizzards of Imagina, except in a much more polished way. Rather than temporary become commands, the classes in OR are actual classes. They are as follows:


The Warriors are designed to be out on the front line taking the fight to the enemy. They get a deadly longsword and an hp boost to make them really lethal in combat.


The Archers are designed for long-ranged combat and taking out enemies before they even know what hit them. They are given a swift bow and a quiver of arrows, plus a walkspeed bonus, making them the only direct weakness of the Leaders.


The Healers are designed to aid their comrades in battle. They usually team up with warriors, and are equipped with a spell that allows them to heal allies and a stick to beat back enemies with.


The Assassins are designed to infiltrate the enemies base and kill them from the inside. They are given daggers and the ability to temporarily turn invisible, making it easy to backstab unsuspecting enemies.


The Leaders are a special Moderator only class that have no actual weapons. Their walkspeed is increased, and they have a tool which summons Minions. The Minions are NPCs that have high damage and will attack nearby enemies, defending the Leader. There is no limit on the amount of Leaders on a single team.