A player, standing with various propables.


The propable gun HUD. Red areas signify where propables cannot be placed, and blue circles signify where certain propables will snap to a grid.

A Propable is an object within Zee Bawx that users can place on the map for various reasons. They propables vary in appearance and function, and are placed via the Propable Gun. Propables are separated by categories, which are as follows:

  • Specials
    • Christmas
    • Cutouts
  • Rending of Nightmare
  • Vendors
  • Plots
  • Decorations
    • Exterior
      • Nature
    • Interior
      • Kitchen
      • Bedroom (Currently defunct)
      • "Factory"
      • Electronic
    • Signs
    • Pride Decor
  • Camping
  • Beach
  • Lucypocolypse
  • Djinn
  • Sister Location
  • Tattletail

While most propables are free, and come in the propable gun by default, others require beans, gamepasses, or staff status. It's possible to obtain propables via presents and loot rains.