rOSe.FRAME is a custom server managment system created by GMD Corporation. rOSe.FRAME is a replacement to the old system, NIMDA, and better in literally every way possible.


rOSe.Board is rOSe's replacement to the leaderboard. rOSe.Board is a beautiful, slick improvement to the otherwise clunky default one. It also allows the use of little icons next to a player's name, and will put the player's name in a colored box if they have a form builder's club.


Another key aspect of rOSe is the moderation system. rOSe.Panel is the system used to moderate servers. rOSe does not only rely on rOSe.Panel for moderation, however; there is an auto warning system put into place. When a player says a bad word, then they will get a warning. If the player recieves 5 warnings, they will then be kicked and eventually banned from the game if the behavior persists.

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