Biographical Overview
Name Robot
Nicknames Drunkbot, Undying, Papilloma (by Hartwarm)
Age Chronologically 15
Family Autonomic Family
Birthplace GMD Industries Tower
Physical description
Species Automaton
Sex Male
Status Alive
Physique Average
Height 6'2
Weight 200lbs
Eye colour Green
Attire Metal frame
Occupation(s) Guardian
Character traits
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Selfless, kind, caring, and self loathing.
Likes Bunnies, Cocoa, Corruptives, flowers, Animaions, Animals.
Dislikes piteful people, death.
Relatives Mr. GMD, All Automatons
Friends Cocoa, Mr. GMD, GMBs, gmbOS, L-Drone.
Neutral Noivla
Skills and powers Basic Magic, Guitar, Speak to bunnies
Corruptive equivalent toboR
Theme Fire and robotics.
 Robot is a unique automaton who has adapted to be fully sentient and possess human feelings, including love. He and Cocoa Von Marshmallow had somewhat of a romantic history together before Robot found a wife, causing Cocoa to turn to stone.

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