Shards are a game mechanic within Zee Bawx that function as sort of a premium currency. They cannot be bought, but instead, must be searched for throughout the map, or wished for. Shards come in many varieties, each one with its own features. Shards are exclusively able to be used in Mamy's store at the Siegeforge.

Regular Shards

Regular shards are the most common kind of shard. They are a light red in color, and award a single shard.

Super Shards

Super shards are an uncommon kind of shard. They're slightly bigger than a regular shard, and are colored bright blue. One super shard awards five shards.

Trap Shards

Sometimes, you can find trap shards, which, instead of giving shards, take away shards. Trap shards can be easily recognized by their dark red color, and aura of red energy.

Void Shards

Void shards are one of the rarest shards in the game. A void shard is easily recognizable, due to its black color, and incredibly large size. One void shard will award 40 shards.

Cow Shards

Cow shards function differently than other shards. Rather than awarding or removing shards, the cow shard is an item. If a user has the Tortisu Tul Yon, equipping it will not give the user the Tortisu, but rather the Tortimoo Cow Yon, a cow-themed Tortisu.