The TITANs are a series of 13 god-like beings that rule over Val. All of them have commands in Zee Bawx, and are ruled over by CERIOTOTIUS, the God of Val.


As previously mentioned, there are 13 TITANs. There are two types of TITANs, Bio Titans and Elemental Titans.


KRYSTAIOUS is the Major Bio Titan, and the Head-Titan, as she governs Life itself. With the Tortisu Tul Yon, KRYSTAIOUS is deemed the most powerful Titan, but with her caring nature, tends not to use the Tortisu Tul Yon for bad. Her username is Krystaious.

EXILE is the second Major Bio Titan, as it governs Knowledge. Due to a dreaded past, EXILE, once known as ONYAXIOUS, had gotten EXILED, but under the guidance of CERIOTOTIUS, he had became a monster, and had to keep the EXILE title, but was able to regain his TITAN-hood. His username is Onyaxious.

TARERIUS and YRIVIOUS are two uncommonly known Bio Titans, whom govern War and Peace. With TAERIUS' brutish personality, and YRIVIOUS' kindness, some question why YRIVIOUS was born an Exolititan, but this being that as children, the Exoli-Head Titan intended to capture the TITAN of War, but had mistaken and captured YRIVIOUS, as there was no signs as to which would be which. Their usernames being TARERIUS and Yrivious.

VIONIUS is the TITAN of Emotion, with the power to shape shift into anything that would make the target feel a certain way, she also has powerful spells that can directly make a target fall into an emotion, but they are usually aware that it is forced, which usually ends in trauma. Her username is Vionius.


SPECTRA is the 13th TITAN, he is the TITAN of an unknown force known as Spectrix, a rainbow-colored mana. He is currently at war with Hartwarm. Spectra himself has no account.

FIRADOS and BORLOR are two of the first TITANs that most users learn. They are the most commonly known TITANs, and govern Fire and Ice respectively. Their ROBLOX usernames are Firados and Borlor.

ALEXIUS and PERVARIOUS are the TITANs of Light and Darkness. They are constantly fighting, however ALEXIUS has admitted that she fears PERVARIOUS. Their usernames are xAlexius and Pervarious.

CERAVARIUS is the TITAN of Balance. She separates PERVARIOUS and ALEXIUS when they fight. However, at one point, out of anger, PERVARIOUS killed CERAVARIUS. Her username is Ceravarius.

Lord VANIOUS is the TITAN of Nature. He was the cause of the Cry of the Beast, creation of Animaions, and all the animals on Val. His username is Vanious.


Primals are similar to titans, except they are more powerful and are the pure essence of what they govern. Primals are the Titans from before the Cerio Cataclysm, after it had happened, CERIOTOTIUS cast all Primals into a deep sleep inside magical orbs, only wakened by great disturbances in their elements.

Most Primals are hidden, and have not yet revealed. The only revealed Primals so far are as listed.

The Water Primal and Gridilian, The Ground Primal. These two Primals are located deep within the ocean, and the ground. The Water Primal being atop the Oceanic Spire, due to the events of OR, she has awoken. Gridilian resides deep underground, solidified in rocks and magma.

Pi'lumix, the Chaotic Primal. Hints of it has been in various areas such as the Twir Hole. It rends reality around it, and is doomed within its own Pocket Dimension.

Lord Vanious is technically a Primal, being a reincarnation of nature itself, but fits juuust outside the definition due to the fact he was reincarnated AFTER the Cerio Cataclysm.

The Primal Moon, a giant stone object floating above the island turtle, serving as the prison of Pi'lumix.


Unlike Primals, and TITANs, CERIOTOTIUS is what is called "God" of Val. Whilst the ideal of god is subjective, this is only his title. CERIOTOTIUS is actually an semi-omnipotent consciousness that can control whatever he created, anything outside his creation, is under the influence of Primals. BC, or Before CERIOTOTIUS, there was a Magically Advanced civilization that had advanced further than our own, conquering planets and finding ways to actually move the Manastream through comets, so that Mana can exist on other planets. CERIOTOTIUS, BC, was apart of a Cult of mages, believing that the Primals did not deserve the power they had, and that they needed a leader, as Primals were divided and had no consistency with what they did, so the Cultists came together to preform forbidden magics, the sacrifice of their entire civilization to create a God. Ceriototius being the one to show the most leadership, has been chosen to be erased from the physical realm and ascended to a higher existence, at the cost of the entire Manastream. Once the Manastream was consumed, Ceriototius became a Primal, and with his power, he consumed the rest of his civilization, killing everyone, and using their mana to proceed into God-hood. Primals were then out-powered and cast into their own confinements on the new planet Val.