The Valian Race (pronounced val-Ian, as in the name Ian) is a human-esque magical race, that is the most dominant species on Val, being named after it as well.

Valians were created by Krystaious in the image of the Forgotten Civilization's race, while the First Valian was a failure, the forth attempt had succeeded at making a functioning Valian. Ceriototius granted Val with the Manastream, a flow of lifeforce that can be used to make magic. Valians were born a genetic trait of Mana-Efficent Hearts, meaning that they could siphon mana easily, and use it to cast spells more efficiently. This genetic trait at one point in history, was skipped in a child, and he was born without the ability to siphon mana with ease, this caused the creation of the Mana Brace.

The Valian Race dominates most of Val's surface, but are not united in any way, they are split into kingdoms, and rule their own provinces. The two story-important kingdoms are Azrone and Tekerdon.

Valians typically enslave Vyxn and Animaions for either entertainment or fieldwork, the exception being the kingdom of Azrone, where slavery is illegal and slave trades, slave smuggling, or kidnapping with intentions to turn one into a slave, within Azronic region is punished by death. Lord Vanious intended the slavery of Animaions when he had placed the Mark of The Beast onto the first 15, as he wanted them to degraded, hated by their previous race. Lord Vanious however does not like the slavery of Vyxn, he created them as People of the Forest, and them being taken from it enrages Lord Vanious, and could result in beasts attacking Vyxn slave camps, or caravans, this making Vyxn slaves very uncommon, and expensive, due to the care required for one.