The Vyxn (pronounced Vixen) are plant-like humanoids, the third dominant species of Val. Vyxn were created by Lord Vanious, to be his "People of the Forest", and serve as dryads to protect the forest of unnatural destruction. Over the years, Animaions have learned to serve this similar purpose, but this caused Vyxn tribes to feel threatened by the Animaion tribes, as if to be being replaced by their lord.

Vyxn slavery is very uncommon due to Lord Vanious' protection of them, he would even stop what he is doing and pursuit a slave caravan in his Beast Form, which is usually a large white wolf. Due to the risk of keeping a Vyxn Slave, slavers tend to want to sell them quickly, but for a good amount of gold, to make up for the challenge it is to take care of a Vyxn. Many Vynxs die in even wealthy families, because they seek to buy an expensive slave expecting the cost to imply quality, low-effort slaves, but Vyxn require plenty of care to survive, when captured at a young age, they do not learn the proper way to care for themselves, so they just root themselves to wait and die when they become too weak to proceed slave work.